San Pedro RV Resort

San Pedro Resort Community RV Guidelines and Rules


1 - All RVs must register upon arrival. Check-out time is 11:00am. Daily office hours are 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday thru Friday, closed on weekends. If you plan to depart before 9:00am, please check out the day before your departure. If you want to stay longer, please come to the office before 10:00am to extend. No refunds for early departures.

2 - Quiet hours are 10:00pm thru 8:00am

3 - Please do not leave trash outside. Dumpsters are available for household garbage only. Absolutely nothing may be thrown over the perimeter fences or into any of the washes.

4 - The speed limit through out the Park is 10 MPH.

5 - Vehicles must be parked in your assigned site and not on vacant sites or the street. Space permitting, vehicles must be parks parallel to your RV. Guest are welcome, but they must park on your site. No more than one RV and two vehicles per site. If that's a problem, check with the office. Overnight guest must register in the office, or after hours, with host.

6 - Tow dollies should be confined to your site and tucked under the rear of your rig. Cargo vans, vehicle haulers, ATVs and motorcycles are allowed, space permitting. We have limited storage space available, please check with office.

7 - Pool hours are 7:30am thru 9:00pm. All guest must be accompanied by a resident or registered camper while using pool facilities. Swimsuits must be worn in pools and spa, no street clothes. Please observe the posted pool and spa rules.

8 - Benson city law requires your sewer hose to be securely attached with a donut or screw-in type adapter and the hose must be off the ground.

9 - Pets are welcome (there are some breed restrictions). Please keep pets on a six foot leash. Pets are not allowed in any indoor common area or inside the outdoor pool fence. Walk pets in designated pet walk areas and clean up after them, no matter where they do their business. That includes the washes, it's the law. Do not leave pets outside unattended. No crates or runs are permitted. Do not allow dogs to bark continuously. If you do not follow these rules, you will be asked to kennel your pet outside the Resort or leave without refund.

10 - Hanging clothes from trees, drying racks or on your RV is NOT allowed, except for swimming towels and swimsuits.

11 - Use of firearms, lethal weapons, fireworks, slingshots, pellet or BB guns and bow & arrows are NOT allowed at any time.

12 - No open fires, fire rings, chimeneas, etc... are NOT permitted. Gas or charcoal grills are permitted.

13 - NO SMOKING in any of our buildings, including the restrooms.

14 - The Resort and Resort Management are not responsible for loss, damage or claims for damages to property of campers due to fire, theft, wind, rain, hail, accident or other causes.

15 - Accidents do happen; However, we reserve the right to seek reimbursement for malicious or blatant destruction of any Resort property. There will be a minimum $50.00 repair charge if anyone drives over or into a Water Riser, Connection, Electrical Pedestal or Concrete Pad.

16 - Disregard for any of the above rules will be grounds for terminating a guest's stay without refund. Management reserves the right to add or to change these rules as circumstances require.

17 - Rents are due and payable at time of check-in. Electric meters will be read once a month and bills are due and payable upon receipt. Shortened stays will be read upon departure and are payable at check-out.

After Hour Arrivals

Please stop in the right lane by the Check-In sign.  The Park Host will assist you as quickly as possible. For problems that the Host is not available to answer, please call the phone number on the office door.

Wash Permits

Please stop by the Office for a Wash Permit.  The Park allows washing of RVs and campers with a $10 permit to cover water usage.

Pet Restrictions

Full or mixed breed pit bull and pit bull type dogs, Chows, Rottweiler, Doberman, wolf-hybrid, or other breeds considered dangerous, vicious or aggressive or animals which exhibit such behavior in the sole discretion of Management are prohibited.

Arizona Law

Dog should be on a six foot leash.

Droppings must be picked up and disposed of properly.